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The Grade 5 Theory Student Pack includes everything a student will need to prepare for Grade 1 ABRSM Theory also preparing for Grades 2-5. The pack includes lesson worksheets, answers and concept sheets. It can be used independently, or as students watch a short YouTube video for each lesson .


The concept sheets include all concepts and definitions from the current ABRSM Theory syllabus. The worksheets are arranged into lessons with questions for each concept. Student worksheets are in pdf format and can be printed or annotated on a digital device. The answers sheets provide the solutions for the worksheet. A sample paper is at the end of the worksheets file.


Concepts covered:

Alto Clef, Tenor Clef, Time Signatures, Note Values, Ties, Dotted Notes, Tuplets, Stems, Accidentals, Leger Lines, Key Signatures, Tones and Semitones, Scales, Simple and Compound Intervals, Triads and inversions, Terms, Scale Degree Numbers, Melodic phrase structure, Transposition, Enharmonic Notes, Ornaments, Instruments of the Orchestra, SATB, Cadences, Figured Bass.

ABRSM Theory Grade 5 Student Pack

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