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Joshua Creek

Joshua Creek is an Australian pianist and composer. Creek obtained a degree in Music from the Australian National University in 2010, majoring in Classical Piano Performance, as well as a degree in Law.


He has performed recitals in a variety of countries including Australia, the USA, Italy, England and Israel. He also mentors in piano, teaching at high schools in Brisbane, Australia. As a composer, Creek is currently involved in a broad spectrum of projects, including the writing of a series of multi-instrumental Preludes and composing for DJs in the EDM arena.

How would you describe yourself?

Musician. Adventurous. Obsessive. Grumpy. Hungry.

What makes you smile?

Finishing a composition after nights spent in a caffeine-induced delirium.

What scares me the most?

My wife’s singing.

Are you a bathroom singer?


What type of music do you like to play the most?

If playing classical, Rachmaninoff is always an enjoyable challenge. Also love playing jazz.

What type of music do you like to write the most?

Too much to name. I love writing programmatic music geared towards film, screen or games - usually with piano as the centrepiece. I also really enjoy writing in the electronic genres; for example, writing keys for house music tracks.

Do you have time to just noodle around and play for yourself or is it always work right now?

Not much time for idle noodling; usually I try to funnel my noodling into something creative.

How do you describe what you do professionally?

A pretty full musical life. I’m currently teaching piano, accompanying and writing original music in a variety of domains.

Are you doing today what you dreamed of when you were young?

I suppose I am!

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